The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music

Enriching lives through the joy of music


The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music is a non-profit music school. Our music-making community offers high quality music education to all segments of society. Here the aspirations of students of all ages and abilities are met with a commitment to excellence through creative expression, disciplined training, and performance opportunities. Thus our motto is "Enriching lives through the joy of music."

The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music offers excellence in music education. Join us and learn from world class musicians. Our low-pressure culture of warmth and fostering allows individual growth for students at any level. With lessons and classes for young and old, and choices including everything from violin to voice to guitar, you will find a way to grow your joy.


"Fantastic place. Top notch musicians and educators."


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The SPCM and StoryCorps


The StoryCorps Archive comprises one of the largest collections of human voices, featuring more than 400,000 individuals sharing their stories. Listen to six personal interviews with 12 members of The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music's community. Interviews by Audrey Favorito.

(Pictured above: Executive Director of the St Paul Conservatory of Music Cléa Galhano and Administrative Director Laura Nortwen are musicians that breath life and soul into running the conservatory on a daily basis. With this conversation, they learn about each other's musical journeys and swap stories of concerts that surprised them as musicians. They tell stories of how their music transformed audience members in unexpected ways.)


It can be hard to describe music with words. The videos below give a live-action presentation of our students and teachers.