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Suzuki at the SPCM

The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music is home to a nurturing, close-knit community of Suzuki teachers, parents, and students. We embrace Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's philosophy that every child can learn to play a musical instrument well provided the right environment. The 'side effects' associated with music education in early childhood (self-confidence, discipline, art appreciation) are in fact our main goal in teaching the student. We honor Dr. Suzuki's vision to create fine world citizens using their instrument as a vehicle. As Dr. Suzuki says, "Beautiful tone, beautiful heart".

At the heart of our program is the private lesson. The parent must attend the lesson with the child to take notes on weekly practice assignments. Also, this is the parent's chance to relish with awe each moment in their child's learning. Because the parent is the 'home teacher' six out of seven days a week, parent attendance and engagement are essential to the Suzuki process

Students and parents are required to attend weekly group classes, typically held on Saturday mornings. Group classes give students a chance to review material and learn new skills in a fun, social environment surrounded by a community of their peers.

Performing onstage at recitals is a crucial element in the Suzuki process. Our students learn at a very young age that recitals are a fun, stress-free opportunity to share their successes with our community. We require participation in three recitals per year.


To Get Started with Suzuki

  • Contact the SPCM Office for more information or to register at 651-224-2205 or

  • Attend a free information session (contact us to find out when our next session is).

  • Check our upcoming events to see a Suzuki recital

  • Contact Leif Petersen, Suzuki Department Director: 206-719-1372 or to arrange to observe a Saturday morning Suzuki group class and to arrange to observe several private lessons to determine which teacher is the best fit for you and your child.