SPCM Policies


As part of the St. Paul Conservatory of Music’s dedication to making high quality music training and performances accessible to all people, regardless of physical ability, the Conservatory resides in a handicap accessible building and offers music performances – many of which are free to the public – in buildings in the community that are handicap accessible.


The Conservatory structures its academic year into three semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer. Fall and Spring contain 17 private lessons. Summer varies depending upon the instructor. While it is not mandatory to enroll for the full number of private lessons, it is strongly encouraged. You establish the number of lessons for which to register with the instructor. Group class times and dates are listed in this brochure. All participants in group classes, including siblings, must be registered for the class. There is a $30 per family per year non-refundable registration fee for private instruction and all group classes and ensembles. Note: Should a group class not meet minimum enrollment, the $30 fee will be refunded.



Regular and prompt attendance is expected at all lessons. Tuition is charged for all registered lessons or classes, including those missed through student absence. In the event the instructor cancels a lesson or class, a make-up time will be offered.


Students who discontinue their lessons during a semester will receive prorated refunds. The following schedule will be used: after 1st lesson 80% of total contract amount; 2nd lesson 70% of total contract amount; 3rd lesson 60% of total contract amount; 4th lessons 40% of total contract amount; 5th lesson 20% of total contract amount; after 6th lesson no refund. Group class tuition will be fully refunded only for cancellations requested in writing one week prior to the first class. Group classes cancelled by the Conservatory will be fully refunded.