Financial Aid

Applications for financial aid are accepted at any time, but will only be awarded when funds are available.  Awards are based on need, which is determined through household income, number of exemptions and any other pertinent information. Awards can be applied to both private and group lessons and all family members are eligible. Summer camps may require a separate application. The Conservatory welcomes students of any race, creed, national origin, and economic status.

Click here to download the 2019-2020 SPCM Financial Aid Application. (New application forms will be posted here for the 2019-2020 year)

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, we award more than $20,000 in financial aid funds annually. Roughly one out of ten SPCM students receives aid enabling them to pursue their musical interests. We are very proud of the accomplishments of these students and have witnessed first hand the powerful effect music has had on their lives.

What our recipients are saying:

“I just got the packet in the mail today. I am amazed and endlessly grateful to you, Betsy, Clea, and all of the generous donors who have made this financial aid available to my children.I will never forget the generosity of all who have helped my three children be able to learn and love music through SPCM.”

This assistance has made it possible for both my daughter and myself to expand and grow in ways that would otherwise be impossible both musically and personally.”

“Most of my life private music study has been financially out of the question. Presently I consider myself immensely fortunate that Clea Galhano is my recorder teacher. Clea opens musical vistas to me, which I could not possibly access on my own.Generous financial assistance from the St. Paul Conservatory of Music is what makes it possible for me to study with Clea. As the beneficiary of her expertise and wisdom I develop my musical language, and give voice to my soul.”