Play in a Band! (Fall 2019)

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Play in a Band! (Fall 2019)


Instructor: Arthur “L.A.” Buckner

Class time: Saturdays, 1:00pm
Class begins: Sept 21
8 sessions /60 minutes

Ages: 14 through Adult

Contemporary Music Classes are open to all ages, but students under 14 years need special permission from the instructor.

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Develop your musicianship, playing, and listening skills while learning to rehearse effectively and perform with your new band!  Groups will be put together based on age, skill level, and musical interests.  Weekly rehearsals will lead to an end of semester performance under the watchful eye of one of the Twin Cities’ finest artists and teachers, L.A. Buckner.  Band members must have basic skills on their instrument (not for absolute beginners).

About the Instructor:

Arthur “L.A.” Buckner sets himself apart from other drummers and musicians with his ability to appropriately incorporate latin, blues, pop, hip-hop, and R&B influences into whatever style of music he is playing. Buckner earned his master’s degree in Music Performance from McNally Smith College of Music. He was a featured artist at the New Griots Festival held at the Guthrie Theater and is the co-host of Sound Field, a new video project by PBS exploring the music theory, production, history, and culture behind our favorite songs and musical styles.