Ear-robics: Intensive Ear Training & Music Theory (Fall 2019)


Ear-robics: Intensive Ear Training & Music Theory (Fall 2019)


Instructor: Harry Chalmiers

Class time: Tuesdays, 5:00pm
Class begins: Sept 17
8 sessions /60 minutes

Ages: 14 through Adult

Contemporary Music Classes are open to all ages, but students under 14 years need special permission from the instructor.

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Nothing is more important to musicians than developing your ability to listen to music carefully, intelligently, and with confidence. Good listening leads to better performance, deeper understanding, and greater creativity and imagination in experiencing music. Test and improve your musical ear with highly specific training exercises carefully developed in the classroom, in practice, and in performance.  Gain deeper understanding of contemporary harmony, rhythm, and melodic practice by learning to hear it!