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At The Saint Paul Conservatory of Music, we do more than teach music–we create community through the universal language of music. 

Music For All

Besides a comprehensive, diverse, and impressive offering of private music lessons and ensembles for self-financing students, the Conservatory has developed a community outreach program called Music for All. Music for All is the embodiment of our commitment to level the playing field for people who would not otherwise have access to music lessons and performing arts opportunities.

And how does it all happen?

That is where you enter the picture. SPCM is able to offer scholarships because of your support.  It is able to present a moment of inspiration or comfort to the ill, injured and elderly because of your generosity.  It is able to provide the instruction that makes not just for budding performers but all-around better students because of what you do for the SPCM.

So, for the sake of unlikely yet appreciative audiences and unlikely yet enthusiastic students, we ask you to give today as generously as you can.

What is the SPCM’s Music for All Program?

  • Music lessons for nearly 300 children, K-8, in low-income Saint Paul public schools. Without Music for All, these students would not experience the unique joy and discipline that musical study offers.

  • Financial aid for high need, high potential students. One recipient won second place in the American Protégé International Piano Competition, which brought him to perform solo in Carnegie Hall.

  • Free concerts for the ill and elderly, performed by our faculty. These performances bring joy to the shut-in at nursing homes and hope to patients and their families at hospitals.

  • Our locally renowned Coffee Concert series, which provides an intellectual and emotional oasis to so many of us whose daily lives are rushed and harried.

Financial Aid

Our fund has reached its limit for fiscal year 2018-2019. We we will reopen applications on July 1, 2019.

Applications for financial aid are accepted at any time, but will only be awarded when funds are available.  Awards are based on need, which is determined through household income, number of exemptions and any other pertinent information. Awards can be applied to both private and group lessons and all family members are eligible. Summer camps may require a separate application. The Conservatory welcomes students of any race, creed, national origin, and economic status.

Click here to download the 2019-2020 SPCM Financial Aid Application. (New application forms will be posted here for the 2019-2020 year)

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, we award more than $20,000 in financial aid funds annually. Roughly one out of ten SPCM students receives aid enabling them to pursue their musical interests. We are very proud of the accomplishments of these students and have witnessed first hand the powerful effect music has had on their lives.

What our recipients are saying:

“I just got the packet in the mail today. I am amazed and endlessly grateful to you, Betsy, Clea, and all of the generous donors who have made this financial aid available to my children.I will never forget the generosity of all who have helped my three children be able to learn and love music through SPCM.”

This assistance has made it possible for both my daughter and myself to expand and grow in ways that would otherwise be impossible both musically and personally.”

“Most of my life private music study has been financially out of the question. Presently I consider myself immensely fortunate that Clea Galhano is my recorder teacher. Clea opens musical vistas to me, which I could not possibly access on my own.Generous financial assistance from the St. Paul Conservatory of Music is what makes it possible for me to study with Clea. As the beneficiary of her expertise and wisdom I develop my musical language, and give voice to my soul.”

School Partnerships

We offer music classes during the school day for 150 kindergarten and 1st grade students who are low-income and attending Saint Paul public schools. The classes are focused on group violin instruction using a Suzuki-inspired approach that is adapted to fit the multicultural environments of the schools where we teach.

New in 2017, we launched an El Sistema inspired music program for nearly fifty 3rd grade students enrolled in after-school programming at St. Paul City School. The project is part of the St. Paul Promise Neighborhood, which "uses education as a tool to end multi-generational poverty in the Frogtown and Summit-University neighborhoods by creating early pathways of opportunities leading to college and career success."  (more information about SPPN)

Partnership Locations

Academia Cesar Chavez

Academia Cesar Chavez (ACC) is a true community school dedicated to teaching the whole child, parent and the community.  Above all ACC supports and respects the use of each scholar’s first language and their cultural heritage.  They promote the development of a second language (English) and support learning Spanish in ACC’s Dual Language Program. 

See their website for more information:

St. Paul City School

St. Paul City School partners with families to prepare students to embrace their full potential and pursue higher education. They are a multicultural learning community passionately committed to the total development of every child.

See the website for more information:

We have additional partnerships with:

Ramsey Junior High
Farnsworth Aerospace Junior High
Holy Family Academy