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The Solo Lute Music of Jean Paul Paladin—The New Lute Café Concert Series

Join us for the monthly New Lute Café Series, with Director Phil Rukavina.

Lutenist Phillip Rukavina presents a program of French Renaissance music for solo lute. During the Renaissance in France, solo music for the lute was considered one of the most refined expressions of the musical arts. Virtuoso players and composers for this instrument were often considered national treasures. One such lutenist/composer was Jean Paul Paladin (fl. 1540-1560).  Paladin captured a sense of musical balance and proportion in his fantasias, ricercares, and dances which is mirrored in the artwork of contemporary painters, such as Jean Clouet, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Léonard Limosin. Originally an Italian composer and lutenist from Milan, Jean Paladin moved to Lyons, France where he maintained a large house and vineyard. At various points, he served as a court lutenist to Francois I, Charles III of Lorraine, and Queen Mary of Scotland. Come and enjoy the height of Renaissance polyphony on the lute by one of the best!

Phillip Rukavina

Phillip Rukavina

The Lute Café is sponsored by the St. Paul Conservatory of Music. Tickets are free, with a suggested donation of $15.

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