Early Music Day

Vocalists and instrumentalists who love Early Music, including Medieval, Renaissance and the Baroque music, are invited to join us for a one day workshop each year.

Nationally known artists lead a Vocal Ensemble and a Mixed Instrument Ensemble through a day of practice ending with a performance of a specially selected piece of Early Music.

Early Music Day 2020 will be held in August. Details will be posted here when they are available.

Early Music Day 2019

The La Pellegrina Project (Opera)

with Phillip Rukavina, Director and Lutenist; Julie Elhard, Coordinator and string coach; and Kathy Lee, Soprano and vocal coach

Early Music Day 2018

Danserye: The Music of Tielman Susato

With Kathy Lee, Soprano and Phillip Rukavina, Lutenist
at The Baroque Room

Highlights from Early Music Day 2017: